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Free, lightweight and easy to use all-in-one calculator and unit converter

Welcome to CalcKit

Optimized for work, school and everyday use, you can perform anything from basic to advanced mathematical calculations.

Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more — all for free.


Web based editor for your day-to-day mathematical calculators. It is designed for engineers, students and pupils.

Featuring over 120 calculators and converters ranging from mathematics, electronics, physics to finance and more.


Suitable for anyone

CalcKit features a one-of-a-kind tool-builder that gives you the possibility to create your own calculators and converters, either from scratch or by copying and customizing any of the 120+ pre-built tools.

Built as a web-service, CalcKit is available across all major operating systems, incuding Android, Windows and iOS.

You can perform calculations and reach all your calculators and converter from any smartphone, tablet and computer.

Share your calculators


Sharing your calculators is as simple as sharing a URL

Quickly invite others to view, edit and use any or all of your calculators and converters

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