Electrostatic Capacitance Converter

Electrostatic capacitance, commonly known as capacitance, is a fundamental property of a capacitor, which measures its ability to store an electrical charge. Capacitance is defined as the ratio of the electric charge stored on one of the capacitor's plates to the potential difference (voltage) across the plates. It is denoted by the letter "C" and is expressed in units called farads (F).

The Electrostatic Capacitance Converter Tool is a handy utility for converting capacitance values between different units. Capacitance values can vary greatly, and depending on the application, different units may be more convenient to use.

Below are the definitions of the most commonly used units of capacitance and their conversion factors:

  • Farad (F): The farad is the base unit of capacitance in the International System of Units (SI), defined as the capacitance of a capacitor that stores one coulomb of charge when a voltage of one volt is applied across its terminals.
    Conversion Factor: 1 F = 1 F (Base Unit)

  • Millifarad (mF): One millifarad is equal to 10^-3, or 0.001 farads.
    Conversion Factor: 1 mF = 10^-3 F = 0.001 F

  • Microfarad (μF): One microfarad is equal to 10^-6, or 0.000001 farads.
    Conversion Factor: 1 μF = 10^-6 F = 0.000001 F

  • Nanofarad (nF): One nanofarad is equal to 10^-9, or 0.000000001 farads.
    Conversion Factor: 1 nF = 10^-9 F = 0.000000001 F

  • Kilofarad (kF): 1 kilofarad is equal to 1,000 farads.
    Conversion Factor: 1 kF = 1,000 F

  • Coulomb / volt (C/V): The coulomb per volt is equivalent unit to farad.
    Conversion Factor: 1 C/V = 1 F

  • Abfarad (abF): The abfarad is an older unit used in the CGS (centimeter-gram-second) system. It is equivalent to 10^9, or 1,000,000,000 farad.
    Conversion Factor: 1 abF = 10^9 F = 1,000,000,000 F

  • EMU of capacitance (emu): The electromagnetic unit of capacitance is equivalent to the abfarad.
    Conversion Factor: 1 emu = 1 abF

  • Statfarad (statF): The statfarad is another unit of capacitance in the CGS system, rarely used today.
    Conversion Factor: 1 statF = 1 / 898755178737 F = 1.11265 * 10^-12 F

  • ESU of capacitance (esu): The electrostatic unit of capacitance is equivalent to the statfarad.
    Conversion Factor: 1 esu = 1 statF

Understanding capacitance and its units is essential for engineers, scientists, and hobbyists working with electronic circuits and other electrical systems. Whether dealing with picofarads or kilofarads, this tool allows for seamless conversions and simplifies the process of working with various capacitance units.