Radiation Converter

Radiation is a phenomenon where energy is emitted in the form of waves or particles. It can be found in various forms, such as electromagnetic radiation (like X-rays and gamma rays) or particle radiation (like alpha and beta particles). Understanding and measuring radiation is crucial in various fields, including medicine, industry, and environmental science.

To facilitate accurate measurements and conversions, we have developed an easy-to-use Radiation Converter tool. This tool supports a wide range of units to express the intensity of radiation.

Let's explore each unit along with its conversion factor and definition.

  • Gray/second (Gy/s): Gray per second is the standard unit representing the absorption of one joule of radiation energy per kilogram of matter per second (1 Gy/s = 1 J/kg/s).

  • Petagray/second (PGy/s): 1 PGy/s = 10^15 Gy/s (1,000,000,000,000,000 Gy/s).

  • Teragray/second (TGy/s): 1 TGy/s = 10^12 Gy/s (1,000,000,000,000 Gy/s).

  • Gigagray/second (GGy/s): 1 GGy/s = 10^9 Gy/s (1,000,000,000 Gy/s).

  • Megagray/second (MGy/s): 1 MGy/s = 10^6 Gy/s (1,000,000 Gy/s).

  • Kilogray/second (kGy/s): 1 kGy/s = 10^3 Gy/s (1,000 Gy/s).

  • Milligray/second (mGy/s): 1 mGy/s = 10^(-3) Gy/s (0.001 Gy/s).

  • Microgray/second (μGy/s): 1 μGy/s = 10^(-6) Gy/s (0.000001 Gy/s).

  • Nanogray/second (nGy/s): 1 nGy/s = 10^(-9) Gy/s (0.000000001 Gy/s).

  • Picogray/second (pGy/s): 1 pGy/s = 10^(-12) Gy/s (0.000000000001 Gy/s).

  • Femtogray/second (fGy/s): 1 fGy/s = 10^(-15) Gy/s (0.000000000000001 Gy/s).

  • Rad/second (rad/s): The rad per second is an older unit, representing the absorption of 0.01 Gray per second, or 1 rad/s = 0.01 Gy/s.

  • Joule/kilogram/second (J/kg/s): The joule per kilogram per second is an equivalent of Gray per second, meaning that 1 J/kg/s = 1 Gy/s.

  • Watt/kilogram (W/kg): The watt per kilogram is an equivalent to joule per kilogram per second, or 1 W/kg = 1 J/kg/s = 1 Gy/s.

  • Sievert/second (Sv/s): The sievert per second measures the biological effect of radiation, taking into account the type of radiation and its impact on living tissue. The conversion factor is 1 Sv/s = 1 Gy/s, used for X-rays and gamma rays.

  • Rem/second (rem/s): The rem per second is an older unit measuring the biological effect of radiation. The conversion factor is 1 rem/s = 0.01 Sv/s = 0.01 Gy/s.

The Radiation Converter tool provides a comprehensive set of units for expressing radiation intensity, catering to various scientific and industrial needs. Understanding these units and their definitions is crucial for accurate measurement and assessment of the impact of radiation on both living and non-living matter.