Thermal Conductivity Converter

Thermal conductivity is a crucial property that characterizes the ability of a material to conduct heat. It is defined as the quantity of heat transmitted through a unit thickness in a direction normal to a surface, due to a unit temperature gradient under steady-state conditions.

In simpler terms, it describes how efficiently a material conducts heat.

When dealing with thermal conductivity, various units are used to express this property. To facilitate seamless conversions between these units, a Thermal Conductivity Converter tool becomes indispensable.

Let's explore the definitions and conversion factors for the commonly used thermal conductivity units:

  • Watt / meter / K (W/m/K): The thermal conductivity measured in watts per meter per Kelvin represents the amount of heat (in watts) that can be conducted through a one-meter thickness of a material for every one-degree temperature difference.
    Conversion Factor: 1 W/m/K (Base Unit)

  • Watt / centimeter / °C (W/cm/°C): Similar to W/m/K, this unit measures thermal conductivity on a smaller scale, using centimeters. Because a temperature difference of 1 °C is equal to a temparature difference of 1 K, the unit W/cm/°C is equivalent to W/cm/°K.
    Conversion Factor: 1 W/cm/°C = 100 W/m/K

  • Kilowatt / meter / K (kW/m/K): This is the thermal conductivity expressed in kilowatts per meter per Kelvin.
    Conversion Factor: 1 kW/m/K = 1000 W/m/K

  • Calorie / second / cm / °C (cal/s/cm/°C): In this unit, thermal conductivity is measured in calories per second per centimeter per degree Celsius.
    Conversion Factor: 1 cal(IT)/s/cm/°C = 418.68 W/m/K; 1 cal(th)/s/cm/°C = 418.4 W/m/K

  • Kilocalorie / hour / meter / °C (kcal/h/m/°C): Expressed in kilocalories per hour per meter per degree Celsius, this unit provides a larger scale for thermal conductivity.
    Conversion Factor: 1 kcal(IT)/h/m/°C = 1.163 W/m/K; 1 kcal(th)/h/m/°C = 1.1622 W/m/K

  • Btu foot / hour / foot² / °F (Btu•ft/h/°F): The British Thermal Unit per hour per square foot per degree Fahrenheit is a unit commonly used in the United States.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Btu(IT)•ft/h/°F = 1.7307 W/m/K; 1 Btu(th)•ft/h/°F = 1.7296 W/m/K

  • Btu inch / hour / foot² / °F (Btu•in/h/°F): This unit represents thermal conductivity using inches instead of feet.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Btu(IT)•in/h/°F = 0.14428 W/m/K; 1 Btu(th)•in/h/°F = 0.14413 W/m/K

The Thermal Conductivity Converter tool simplifies the process of converting between these units, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in thermal conductivity calculations. Whether you are working with materials science, engineering, or other related fields, understanding and using the appropriate thermal conductivity unit is essential for accurate heat transfer analysis and design.