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I've been relying on this app for many years now and it has never let me down. It always has what I need, when I need it, and finding it is speedy. The UI flows very nicely. The ability to create custom calculations and converters really sets this app apart. Specially useful for all the different branches of industries, research, and technical trades one may be working in. I rarely leave reviews but this app deserves it. Keep up the great work who ever y'all are.

Jacob S. — June 20, 2022

This app just keeps getting better. The community library to share custom tools is a fantastic addition. The way custom tools resolve cyclically is very useful and not a function I've found elsewhere.

Amy Taylor — August 2, 2022

I'm a person who has to download and try all recent apps and narrow down to a favorite and this calc app is best I've found so far. This is namely for people who like customization and a lot of available features. It is the most convenient and quick-to-access unit converter and calculator. Enough options to satisfy most anyone. Every feature has an available shortcut which makes it integrate or enables utilization by many other apps such as Tasker. Great job and thanks for the customization.

D. Kwon — March 6, 2021

I have had this app installed on my phone and tablet (both Android) for years. It has every type of commonly used calculations, conversions and measurements, and many uncommon types too. You can customize how quickly you can access any number of its features making it versatile as well. Basically, it's got EVERYTHING a good app should for those of us whom are mathematically challenged.

Xena Bean — May 15, 2021

This is my first time complimenting an app here. Well this app is simply exceptional. A great tool for everyday computation. I really loved the costumize tool and also the part where you can use all the features with just some ads. All in all its a great experience using it.

Junar Amaro — July 1, 2020

Our Calculators

From simple conversions to complex equations, we've got you covered


Solve linear, quadratic, cubic equations. Calculate percentages and proportions. Find out means. Check prime numbers.


Calculate required dimensions for all common geometric shapes and bodies using any known variables.

Unit Converter
Unit Converters

Easily convert between all related units on the same screen. More than 1000 units included in 80 categories.


Solve Ohm's law, resistor coding, power triangles, voltage dividers, battery life estimates, ADC conversions, and more.


Convert over 160 currencies, even offline. Calculate sales tax. Find out the tip for a bill. Calculate loan and interest.


Find out the time difference between dates. Add or subtract days from any given date. Solve analytical geometry.

Unique Features

Some of the features that make CalcKit stand out from the rest

Floating Calculator

Perform calculations while using other apps with the unique floating calculator widget.


Quickly access your most-used calculators by creating shortcuts directly on your home screen.

Unique CalcKit Feature
Educational Articles

Learn and understand the concepts and formulas behind each calculator and converter.

Custom Calculators

Easily copy, modify, or create new tools with unlimited variables and a wide range of functions.

Create Custom Calculators

Effortlessly create advanced calculators and converters to match your specific requirements

Unlimited Variables

Define an unlimited number of variables to tailor your custom calculators and converters to your exact needs.

Math Functions

Use an extensive range of math functions to easily make complex and precise calculations possible.

Duplicate and Customize

Copy built-in calculators and converters to build upon existing templates and personalize them further.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a simple user interface designed for easy creation and modification of your custom calculators.

Shared Access

Save your custom calculators and share them with friends and colleagues via browser from everywhere.

Embed on Websites

Easily embed both built-in and custom calculators on your own websites with a simple copy and paste.

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