Inductance Converter

Inductance is the tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. It is a measure of how an electric current generates a magnetic field around a conductor, creating a self-induced electromotive force (EMF). When the current changes, the magnetic field also changes, and this change induces a voltage in the conductor. Inductance is quantified in unit called henry (H), named after the renowned scientist Joseph Henry.

Below are the definitions of the most commonly used units of inductance and their conversion factors:

  • Henry (H): The henry is the SI unit of inductance, defined as the inductance of a conductor when an electric current of one ampere experiences a change in current of one ampere per second, resulting in an induced electromotive force of one volt across the conductor.
    Conversion Factor: 1 H = 1 V·s/A

  • Kilohenry (kH): A kilohenry is equal to one thousand henrys.
    Conversion Factor: 1 kH = 1,000 H

  • Megahenry (MH): A megahenry is equal to one million henrys.
    Conversion Factor: 1 MH = 1,000,000 H

  • Millihenry (mH): A millihenry is equal to one-thousandth of a henry.
    Conversion Factor: 1 mH = 10^-3 H = 0.001 H

  • Microhenry (μH): A microhenry is equal to one-millionth of a henry.
    Conversion Factor: 1 μH = 10^-6 H = 0.000001 H

  • Nanohenry (nH): A nanohenry is equal to one-billionth of a henry.
    Conversion Factor: 1 nH = 10^-9 H = 0.000000001 H

  • Weber / Ampere (Wb/A): The weber per ampere is an alternate unit for inductance, defined as the magnetic flux linkage per ampere of current.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Wb/A = 1 H

  • Abhenry (abH): The abhenry is an electromagnetic unit of inductance used in the CGS (centimeter-gram-second) system.
    Conversion Factor: 1 abH = 10^-9 H

  • EMU of Inductance (EMU): The electromagnetic unit (EMU) of inductance is equivalent to the abhenry unit.
    Conversion Factor: 1 EMU = 1 abH

  • Stathenry (statH): The stathenry is another unit of inductance in the CGS system.
    Conversion Factor: 1 statH ≈ 8.98755 * 10^11 H

  • ESU of Inductance (ESU): The electrostatic unit (ESU) of inductance is equivalent to stathenry.
    Conversion Factor: 1 ESU = 1 statH

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