Magnetic Flux Converter

Magnetic flux is a crucial concept in electromagnetism, describing the quantity of magnetic field passing through a surface. It is denoted by the symbol Φ (Phi) and is measured in Weber (Wb) in the International System of Units (SI). As magnetic fields are dynamic and can vary, the measurement of magnetic flux helps quantify the strength of these fields in a given area.

To facilitate the expression and conversion of magnetic flux in different contexts, a variety of units are used. Here, we'll explore some of these units and provide conversion factors for each:

  • Weber (Wb): The weber is the base unit and is defined as the magnetic flux that, linking a circuit of one turn, would produce in it an electromotive force of 1 volt if it were reduced to zero at a uniform rate in 1 second.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Wb = 1 V·s (volt-second)

  • Milliweber (mWb): One Milliweber is equal to one thousandth of a Weber.
    Conversion Factor: 1 mWb = 0.001 Wb

  • Microweber (μWb): One Microweber is equal to one millionth of a Weber.
    Conversion Factor: 1 μWb = 0.000001 Wb

  • Unit Pole: A magnetic pole is a unit pole if it exerts a force of one dyne on another pole of equal strength at a distance of 1 cm. The strength of any given pole in cgs units is therefore numerically equal to the force in dynes which it exerts on a unit pole 1 cm away.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Unit Pole = 1.256637E-7 Wb = 0.0000001256637 Wb

  • Maxwell (Mx): One Maxwell is equal to the magnetic flux across a surface of one square centimeter perpendicular to a magnetic field of one Gauss.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Mx = 1E-8 Wb = 0.00000001 Wb

  • Line (l): Line is an equivalent to the Maxwell unit.
    Conversion Factor: 1 l = 1 Mx = 0.00000001 Wb

  • Kiloline (kl): One Kiloline is equal to one thousand Line.
    Conversion Factor: 1 kl = 1,000 l = 0.00001 Wb

  • Megaline (Ml): One Megaline is equivalent to one million Weber.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Ml = 1,000,000 l = 0.01 Wb

  • Tesla • m² (T•m²): Represents the magnetic flux density in Tesla, multiplied by the area in square meters.
    Conversion Factor: 1 T•m² = 1 Wb

  • Tesla • cm² (T•cm²): Represents the magnetic flux density in Tesla, multiplied by the area in square centimeters.
    Conversion Factor: 1 T•cm² = 0.0001 Wb

  • Gauss • cm² (G•cm²): Represents the magnetic flux density in Gauss, multiplied by the area in square centimeters.
    Conversion Factor: 1 G•cm² = 1 Mx = 0.00000001 Wb

  • Magnetic Flux Quantum (Φ): The quantum of magnetic flux that can exist in a superconducting ring. It is approximately 2.0678346E-15 Wb.
    Conversion Factor: 1 Φ ≈ 2.0678346 × 10^(-15) Wb

Understanding magnetic flux and its various units is essential for scientists, engineers, and students working with electromagnetic phenomena. The Magnetic Flux Converter provides a valuable tool for seamless conversion between these units, fostering precision and clarity in magnetic flux-related calculations and applications.