CalcKit v5.1.0

May 14, 2023

A new release of CalcKit is here!

What's new?

Custom Variable Names

Now you have the ability to add an unlimited number of variables with custom names to your own calculators. With this new feature, you'll no longer be limited to the 25 single-letter variables. Instead, you can now create as many variables as you need and give them meaningful and descriptive names, making your formulas much easier to understand and modify in the future.

Instead of using single-letter variable names like X and Y, you can now use descriptive names such as LENGTH and WIDTH to create a formula for calculating the area of a shape.

For example, you can write AREA = LENGTH * WIDTH instead of Z = X * Y. This new approach not only makes your formulas more intuitive and easier to comprehend, but it also improves their readability and maintainability over time.

This new feature for custom variable names is available to all our premium users, both on our Android App and Web App.

Community Library

Nine new tools have been added to the Community Library:

  • Complex Numbers Calculator (EN)
  • Pizza price per square unit (EN)
  • Horizon Distance Calculator (EN)
  • Geographische Koordinaten und die Zeit (DE)
  • Sight Reduction (DE)
  • Stromkostenrechner (DE)
  • Cálculo do custo da energia (PT)
  • Calcul du PRU futur (FR)
  • Kalkulator Kecepatan (ID)

Educational Articles

Educational articles have been published for the following tools on our Web App, and many more are currently being prepared for release in the upcoming weeks and months.

Floating Calculator

The floating calculator now includes a transparency option that can be customized through the settings menu.

Also, to make the floating calculator more suitable for phones with smaller screens, its minimum size has been decreased by roughly 5%.

Other Improvements

  • Added splash screen when launching CalcKit.
  • Switched to the Google Play In-App Reviews API.
  • Updated all libraries to their latest versions.
  • Other smaller changes and bug-fixes.