CalcKit v5.0.0

January 27, 2023

A new major release of CalcKit is here, as well as the first stable version of the CalcKit Web App!

What's new?

CalcKit Web App

With this update, the first official stable version of the CalcKit Web App has been released.

Many bug-fixes and improvements have been made in the past few months, with the following being the most noticable:

  • Improved alignment for the units in all tools.
  • Improved the layout of the Blog and Docs menu.
  • Improved overall layout design for mobile devices.
  • Added Contact link directly on the sidebar.
  • Added short description as tooltip to each calculator.
  • Vastly improved right-side description section in the tools.

To keep things simple, both the Android App and the Web App will be assigned the same version number in all future updates, starting with v5.0.0 now.

Educational Articles

In addition to the above changes, we are slowly starting to introduce educational articles for some of the calculators available on the CalcKit Web App.

These articles appear on the right side of each tool and give you the possibility to actually learn and understand what each tool does and the formulas used to calculate its results.

Currently, such articles are available for the following 3 calculators:

New Finance Calculators

Four new tools have been added to the Finance category:

  • Margin Markup Calculator
    Find out the cost of a product, revenue (sale price), profit margin and profit markup.
  • Loan Calculator
    Determine the monthly payments on an amortized loan.
  • Unit Price Calculator
    Compare two items to see which one is the better deal.
  • ROI Calculator
    Estimate the total and annualized profit (or loss) on an investment over a set period of time.

These calculators were previously available in the Community Library and have now been converter to built-in tools in CalcKit.

The four new tools are also available online on the CalcKit Web App.

Improved Interest Calculator

In addition to the new tools above, the Interest calculator has been separated in two distinct parts, one for Simple Interest and one for Compound Interest. The compound interest part has also received a new field called Addition, where you can indicate recurring additional investments.

On Android, these two parts are displayed as two tabs in the same Interest calculator, while on the Web version they are displayed as two separate tools: Simple Interest and Compound Interest.

Full Backup Option

At the bottom of the Settings menu on the Android App you will now find the Full CalcKit Backup section with two buttons: Create Backup and Restore Backup.

Create Backup

To create a backup, press the Create Backup button. This will create a JSON text that contains all CalcKit data. You can store this text anywhere you want (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Restore Backup

To restore you data from backup, follow the steps below:

  • Open the text file where you stored the backup.
  • Copy the content of the file.
  • Open the CalcKit Settings Menu.
  • Tap the Restore Backup button.

Now all your data will be restored from the backup. However, please note that (ideally) this should be done only on new installations, since it will overwrite everything, including your favorites, custom tools, calculator history, notes, etc. with the data from the backup, and there is no undo option.

Community Library

Six new tools have been added to the Community Library:

  • Modulo Calculator (EN)
  • Projectile Motion Calculator (EN)
  • Gold Price Calculator (EN)
  • Calculadora de aceleración (ES)
  • Calculadora de movimiento parabólico (ES)
  • Goldpreisrechner (DE)

Also, as mentioned above, four previously available tools have been converted to built-in tools and therefore removed from the community library.

Other Improvements

  • Updated all libraries to the latest versions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when Google Play was not completely set-up.
  • Changed the Vcc field in the LED Resistor calculator to accept values with decimal point.