CalcKit v5.2.0

June 25, 2023

Introducing CalcKit v5.2.0: Unleash the Power of the Math Grapher and Math Notepad!

What's new?

We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce the arrival of two highly requested features in CalcKit. Get ready to explore the exciting world of mathematics with our Math Grapher and Math Notepad.

Grapher – Visualize Math Like Never Before!

Unleash your mathematical creativity with our powerful graphing tool. The Math Grapher empowers you to graph functions, plot parametric equations, and even plot points with ease.

What sets CalcKit's Math Grapher apart from most other calculators is the ability to plot multiple functions simultaneously, allowing you to compare and analyze their outputs side by side. Explore the depth of mathematical concepts visually and gain deeper insights into your equations.

Mathpad – Unleash Your Problem-Solving Potential!

We understand that sometimes a pen and paper are all you need to crack complex problems. That's why we've developed the Math Notepad, a versatile mathematical calculation editor that replicates the simplicity of a traditional notepad. Seamlessly jot down your calculations, create multiple "notes", and edit them independently.

But that's not all! The Math Notepad enables you to copy a math note and edit it in a separate text editor, effortlessly pasting it back into CalcKit for instant recalculation. You can even define variables and functions within each note, making them readily available for future use. The possibilities are endless, and the power to solve lies at your fingertips.

With CalcKit v5.2.0, we've equipped you with the tools to conquer complex mathematical challenges. Dive into the world of mathematical visualization with our Math Grapher, and experience the convenience of problem-solving on the go with our intuitive Math Notepad. Upgrade to the latest version now and unlock new dimensions of mathematical exploration!

Download CalcKit v5.2.0 and embark on your mathematical journey today.