CalcKit v4.2.0

January 3, 2022

A new release of CalcKit is here!

What's new?

Updated all libraries to their latest versions and fixed some minor issues on Android 12.

Fixed issues in the Acceleration converter. The values for mi/s², yd/s², ft/s² and in/s² were wrong.

Fixed issues that occurred with CalcKit's built-in keypad, when Microsoft SwiftKey is installed on the device.

Community Library

With this update, we've also added a beta version of CalcKit's new Community Library.

To access it, open the Custom Tools menu and tap the COMMUNITY LIBRARY button at the bottom. When you open the library, everything should be self-explanatory.

You can import tools from the library to your phone, or you can submit your own custom tools to be added to the library for everyone to use.

Every tool in the library is manually verified by the CalcKit developers before making it public for everyone.