CalcKit Start Screen

The first screen you see when you open CalcKit we like to call the CalcKit Start Screen.

This is new in v4.0.0 and it's goal is to simplify and substantially reduce the time spend navigating CalcKit. It combines the All Calculators, Favorites and Recent items in one screen.


By tapping the search bar you can now access the All Calculators screen and search any calculator or converter in CalcKit (including your own custom tools).


The first row of icons shows the four calculators that you have most recently used.


These rows contain your Favorites. You can rearrange them by long-pressing any of the icons.

To add/remove tools from this list, simply open any tool and tap the heart in the top-right corner.

Navigation Drawer

This button opens the left-side navigation menu.


This button is used to open the scientific calculator. You can also enable the Calculator visible on Start setting to open the calculator automatically when you start CalcKit.

Home / Search

This button has two functions. It can be a search icon or a home icon.

  • Search icon - will open the All Calculators list
  • Home icon - will open the CalcKit Start Screen

If you are a free user, the 4th button opens the menu where you can purchase CalcKit Premium. However, if you are already a CalcKit Premium user, this button currently has no function.